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2018 :New Year, New Thoughts, New Platform

The blog is officially active and ready to take you on a journey that will change your perspective forever! Are you ready for a mental shift, stimulating conversation and the opportunity to share your thoughts on topics that will affect our future? Well, I have fantastic news for you - now is the time to bring your thoughts to our table and let us help you share your ideas with the right people.

What did the team get up to in 2017?

Sustainable Sundays

An absolute must is to spend time on a Sunday afternoon E relaxing and preparing ourselves mentally for the week ahead. I have found that a great way to spend some time is listening to Churchill Agutu entertainingly engage with professionals regarding the significant changes they have made in the field of sustainability and energy. It motivates me to believe that I too can implement change and make an impact on the future.

Podcasts regarding sustainability projects, solar energy and sustainable energy transitions were conducted in 2017. Podcasts are a great way to relax without needing to be idle. Highly productive people choose to listen to stimulating audio media while busy with menial tasks. Podcasts are definitely the future!

Your Voices were Heard!

What does

Sustainability mean to


Young Minds Matter

What will the team get up to in 2018?






Climate Change

The African continent is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change especially in terms of agriculture, water and energy.

This year we want to look at these impacts and ask ourselves how we can build resilience and adapt to the negative impacts brought about by climate change.

Mapping Africa’s Energy Transition

We need to know how far Africa has progressed in our move towards a future involving sustainable energy usage.

The Africa Green Collar Project plans to engage with experts, students, student movements and organisations in energy technology, economics, policy and social development to get an in depth understanding of where exactly Africa is in terms of the energy transition!

Arise and Affect Change!

The team is extremely excited to bring the world of green energy and sustainability to your fingertips and would love to hear about your sustainability initiatives and thoughts on the future of energy in Africa.

Your article could feature on our blog and inspire millions to bring about change. You may even be connected with people who are excited and willing to bring your ideas to fruition. Make that bold move and be heard!

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~ John Maynard Keynes

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