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Help David Okeyo build a computer lab in Mfangano Island, Kenya!

"If this mission becomes successful they will build a lab that would enable more than 2,700 students across four schools to have access to computers"

Link to his gofundme page:

Author: Alex Topolski, Progam Manager, Google

I want to throw very two important numbers your way; 43 and 8. These numbers reflect the educational progress and challenges Sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, only 43% of children are currently attending primary schooling, a direct cause for Africa possessing the lowest rate of gross enrollment in tertiary education in the world, sitting at only eight percent as of 2014. Nelson Mandela once said that no country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. He is absolutely correct and this exactly why I am so passionate about the work my friend David Okeyo Wachara, who resides in the Mfangano Islands in Kenya, Africa is doing.

David was born an orphan but has overcome much adversity to get a good education. Now, everything he does is for the betterment of his community. He has allocated work for women there, where currently 99% test HIV positive, as well as orphans. He is truly an inspiration and every time I talk with him he exudes positivity. I asked him once how he is able to do so much for others and he simply responded "others are not as fortunate as I am". He is currently working to build a functional library with books and some new age technology to help his community become more literate both technologically and otherwise.

Picture of a students at a local school in Mfangano Island, Kenya

If this mission becomes successful they will build a lab that would enable more than 2,700 students across four schools to have access to computers. If interested, you can donate via his goFundMe page( ).

Your donation will be funding the following:

(i) Purchase of Kenyan School Curriculum course books

(ii) Other non Kenyan English written books eg, novels, storybooks (any book in English)

(iii) Computers for computer and IT studies.The Island has nearly 40,000 people with over 35 primary and High Schools but with all this no any single computer and IT training centre. People are computer illiterate with only a few having knowledge in computer. There is a serious need to establish a computer and IT centre so that, the many who really desire to learn computers can learn to fulfill their dreams, people can do e-learning, access daily online world's information and so on. I express this as very greater need since the world is getting to era of digital production through computerization of industrial production.

Alex Topolski is a Program Manager at Google and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He has previously lived in Austin, TX and Buffalo, NY and worked with Microsoft and the Buffalo Bills.

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