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Bringing water to 3,000 people in Kaloleni, Kenya

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Author: Louisa Chinyavu

Maji Yaje Kwanza, to mean ‘water is the first of many things’ in Swahili, is a project focused on bringing water infrastructure to Kaloleni (a constituency within the coastal province of Kenya), with sub-county primary schools being the catalyst.

The project evolved from Ashley Miller completing a UC Berkeley study abroad program and research project at Kenyatta University in 2013, becoming close with Kenyatta student Louisa Mwenda and her immediate/extended family. After the exchange program ended they took Ashley down from Nairobi to their family home in Kaloleni to visit Louisa’s grandmother; while discussing the severe water issues in the area, and how one of the family members was a teacher at a local primary school, the idea for the project originated.

The project campaign aims to bring resolution to the 2014 pilot project implementation and establish a borehole to connect with all of the already-enacted school and community infrastructure, in order to ensure consistent water service provision. This will be the first formal water source for the school and the area, and is expected to serve roughly 3000 people - 800 students and staff at the school site and an additional 2,000 people in the Mihingoni community.

"This will be the first formal water source for the school and the area..."

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