Become a digital storyteller

Congratulations! You have taken it upon yourself to help build and to create a sustainable future for Africa! We are jumping and screaming with excitement! So how can you get involved with the Africa Green Collar Project?

Many of you have asked us how you can get involved with us. Well, we do not have a membership application. We are looking for digital storytellers that can enable youth in Africa to learn about and to go a step further to re-think what a sustainable Africa means. You can help with that! So if you have some insight that you strongly feel youth in Africa should know about in the context of sustainable energy, food and water, or you want your idea, project, business, innovation or insight to be heard globally and through out Africa, then we can give you that reach!



You can volunteer to do a podcast with us, create a video on a topic, write a young blogpost!

The Rules :) !

Publishing of the content is at the discretion of “The Africa Green Collar Project”. You receive all the rights to the article: Names and bio will be yours. Ensure you include a link to your: linkedin, facebook, twitter or instagram.You need to send 2-3 pics of yourself (Think fun, young and professional- take a look at our cover photos) . Requirements for the article are as follows:



  • E-mail us on the topic you would like to discuss

  • We will be in touch with how we can do the podcast! All you need is a quiet room, good head/earphones and a reliable internet connection!

Blogpost (300 - 500 words)

  • List down three keywords for your article

  • If you use references(Harvard referencing)

  • Must have an introduction, body and conclusion

  • You need to keep the article exciting and engaging e.g Have a thought provoking question at the end or a call to action

  • We also recommend but do not require, that you find a picture we can use for your article


Pictures (If you want to share it via social media)

  • Needs to be high definition

  • If it is not yours then ensure you provide a reference- Photo courtesy of ________________


Email your article to:

With the following details:

  • Full name

  • Position e.g student, engineer etc

  • Home country